What is rx15?

RX15 has shown in independent studies to have an enhanced antimicrobial activity against microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Bacillus Spizizenii, Candida Albicans and many more.

This application of ‘quantum chemistry’ converts plant extracts into colloids- a powerful yet surprisingly gentle solution that dissolve grease, oil, cellular lipid proteins, soap scum, pesticide, insect stains, and other hydrocarbons.


Natural colloidal micelles cleaners are environmentally safe and revolutionary in concept and work on a molecular level. They break the attraction of molecules to each other and to a surface. Once this attraction is broken, residue is easily and safely rinsed away. Natural colloidal micelles cleaners are especially effective against organic dirt and soil such as blood and fruit stains. Thomas Graham (1805-1869) was a physical chemist credited as the founder of colloidal chemistry.

Colloidal science is the study of systems involving small particles of one substance suspended in another. These can be in the form of suspensions in solids, suspensions in gases, and suspensions in liquids. Suspensions in liquids form the basis of a wide variety of products, including paints, ceramics, cosmetics, agricultural sprays, soaps and even food preparations.

Natural liquid cleaners are suspensions in liquids and can be considered as soaps (not detergents) that are made from completely natural ingredients and contain no chemical additives or manmade products. A truly natural soap does not even contain fragrance. Every formula has specific ingredients but the more common ingredients are animal or vegetable oils (fatty acids), vegetable and plant-based enzymes and minerals (surfactants), organic alcohol, coconut oil, and purified water.

The nanotechnology of colloidal micelles cleaners causes electrical charges to be instilled in the solution. The electromagnetic strength of the colloidal cleaner is greater than the electromagnetic forces holding the dirt and grime to the dirty surface. This results in the dirt being magnetically attracted to the cleaner solution and pulled away from the dirty surface. The surface is not affected, only the dirt. The dirt breaks up into tiny molecular droplets and each droplet is surrounded by the cleaner. This keeps it from being redeposited on the clean surface and the solution can be rinsed down any drain.

-Cost competitive with toxic products
-Replace most hazardous cleaners
-Biodegradable – No expensive disposal required.
-No protective clothing required.
-Can safely be poured on the ground or down sewers.
-Non- flammable
-Safe for all skin conditions including MIS and allergenic
-No known hazardous fumes
-No known EPA or OSHA regulatory requirements.

Because natural colloidal micelle cleaners are organic and made to be oil emulsifiers, they are very effective in killing and repelling bugs by quickly dissolving the outer skin layers of most insects.

Natural soaps can also be utilized to soften skin, eliminate warts, heal cold sores, and even get rid of acne due to the naturally medicinal ingredients used in their manufacture.

Many university tests have shown that natural soaps meet or even exceed the cleaning power of their chemical cousins that contain toxic ingredients such as solvents, abrasives, corrosives, caustics, combustibles, and a host of other pollutants that degrade our water and air. In the years to come these natural soaps will gradually replace a large variety of other cleaners as their technology and environmental improvement becomes better known and understood by the general population.

Close-up of spray bottle


RX15 is an incredibly powerful, yet amazingly safe next generation all natural and herbal bio-based cleaning, and disinfecting formulation.

It is made up of farm grown commodities like corn, sugarcane, soy, potato, grains, tree saps and herbal grass. They are converted into colloids – and they act on the cleaning surface based on the principle of Quantum Electro Mechanical Physics and Colloidal Science.

Developed through recent advances in organic chemistry the Nano molecules, which are half the size of DNA, penetrate deep into the molecular structure killing pathogens and assuring that the disinfected surfaces are cleaned to the deepest level.

RX15 is purely herbal yet very effective. It is non – toxic, non fuming, non caustic, non flammable. It does not contain any Petroleum, Butyl, Chlorine, Formaldehyde, Hydrochloric acid , Hydroxides, Bleach, Phosphates, D-limonene or any Citric acid. It is readily bio-degradable to 84.6% in 28 days.

No, RX15 is 100% carcinogen free and 100% Non Toxic. The USA has certified it as an NSF – Food Grade Product, meaning it could be safely and easily used in indoor farming, hotels, restaurants and in and around food, crops, or production facilities for cleaning & disinfecting without any fear of contamination.

It cleans all areas.   Walls, benches, floors, ceilings, your office chair, or even your coffee cup ….. you name it!

No, RX15 does not leave any stain as it is biodegradable and has no odor.

Yes, RX15 has no fumes, no odor, no skin irritation, no masks or gloves required and is very safe for the employee’s health. It is NSF (food) grade certified in the USA, GSA – US General Services Admin Contractor, EPA Compliant and OSHA  Compliant. It has an enviable track record for a microbial cleaner & disinfectant.

Yes, it is powerful enough to clean battleships but gentle enough to bathe puppies and kittens!  It can clean & disinfect baby products or a grow room.  RX15 can be used anywhere diseases, microbials and pathogens are found.